Thank you for considering a Gift Voucher


We can offer Vouchers for;

'Throwing workshop'

'Beginners workshop' 

'Improvers workshop '

Vouchers cost £65 and you can choose either a morning or afternoon session of four hours (max).


You will be in a small group so will get more supervision. During the session,  light refreshment will be provided during a break .

If you would like to purchase a session or have questions, contact us via the contact form for details on how to pay .Please quote your name and a contact number and who the voucher is for.

On validation of purchase, we will send you a code and a printable voucher ( mainly for if this is a gift.)


Sessions will be advertised intermittently throughout the year and you will be notified by email. At least two sessions will be advertised per month for you to take advantage of.

When you redeem your voucher, you will just need to confirm your identity and quote us back the code number, simple really!.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months and subject to availability *

Unfortunately we only cater for over 18's at the moment.


The sessions are likely to be on a weekend, but some may be calendered during the week depending on studio use. You will usually be in groups of four but no more than six in one session.

*( availability ...for instance if you left it to the last session in December 2018 along with 50 other people, then we would have to provide places on a first come first served basis and would not be prepared to carry over the voucher into 2019)

If for some reason you cannot make your booked session please let us know as soon as possible , then you may re-schedule once only . If you know you will not be able to attend any session in 2018, then you may transfer the voucher to another person if you wish, letting us know in advance. At this point we would consider the voucher redeemed.

We reserve the right to update and change the Terms of the voucher throughout the year but you will be notified with any additional information and within good time to request a refund if necessary.